Rahne Ehtar is a mostly human author who has been writing since they were able to hold a Crayon to paper. While their early works of scribbled art featuring anthropomorphic trees and murderous apples went mostly unread, they have since moved their works to the internet to be enjoyed by anyone who comes across them.

With this blog they hope to share their love of writing and reading throughout the year with free-to-read projects of their own, book reviews and recommendations, news on their projects and any behind the scenes peeks that present themselves, and general discourses on anything they find interesting!

Rahne Ehtar is a contributing author to the superhero anthology, The Deli Counter of Justice, which is great collection of 9 stories all to do with superheroes, sandwiches and how they go together.

Under the name of ‘Raven’ Ehtar, they have posted many works of fanfiction on FF.net and AO3. They are both embarrassed and embarrassingly proud of those works by turns, and encourages anyone and everyone to read them.

Rahne continues to work on fiction both original and derived, and plans on someday in the not so distant future – Crom willing – to publish books of their very own with which to abuse the masses.

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