Personal Update and What to Expect

Hello everyone out there in the vast interwebs! I’ve been meaning to post this for some time but got caught up in a nigh on endless list of writing projects – of which this blog was one thing, and in which I wanted to talk about the projects I’m currently working on. How’s that for an infinite loop, eh?

So it’s been a pretty busy year for writing for me so far, while at the same time being very frustrating because so little has been finished or posted for people to read. Progress is being made in several directions without be visible, which is annoying, but I am finally starting to really concentrate on my own works rather than exclusively fan fiction. I don’t think I’ll ever give up fan fiction, but it’s nice to finally feel the same kind of passion for my own worlds as those that belong to someone else.

So far this year, for official or otherwise announced writing challenges:

  • April’s Camp NanoWriMo with a word goal of 30,000; FINISHED
  • May’ Story a Day challenge; FINISHED
  • June I did a self-imposed story every other day challenge along with several other goals; 95% FINISHED
  • July’s Camp NaNoWriMo with a word goal of 40,000; EPICLY FAILED

Obviously I’ve burned myself out a little bit, and I’m finding it somewhat difficult to even write out notes for my projects. Concentration has become a real challenge, partially due to environmental factors, but I’m hoping that a change of pace for this month will help.

So for August I have no intense writing goals to accomplish, and will try spending the first week just reading. I doubt I’ll make it through without setting some ridiculous goals because I can’t seem to help myself. In September there will possibly be another Story a Day challenge, and in November will be a full blown novel challenge, which I’m trying to  prepare for now.

In the meantime with all of this and all of my purely personal projects, I’m still awaiting word from the Deli Counter of Justice editors for when they’ll be ready to get started on their next anthology. I’ve been told to expect the call to Deli HQ at any time, which probably means I’ll have a heart attack when it finally comes. It probably also means that when the call comes I will be dropping everything else rather unceremoniously in order to answer it. One does not deny the call of justice and sandwiches. But I will be keeping everyone updated as to progress.

Which leads us to the future goals with this blog. Obviously we’re still new here, and while I’ve dabbled a little with blogs in the past, what I want to do here is going to be a little different.

I’m hoping to make this blog into a fun little mix of things that all have to do with writing, storytelling and stories. Sometimes maybe even the writers and storytellers, too. And seeded in as well there will be the occasional Free to Read stories which may or may not become part of published works later on, either as part of anthologies or greatly fleshed out and expanded upon. I’ve already got a couple plans for short story series for this blog, which I’m working on now and will be ready to go up relatively soon. (Unless my issue with concentration balloons into a full fledged problem.)

Here’s some of what I am hoping this blog will feature:

  • Word Nerd: The origins, history and interpretation of certain words, how those might affect the usage of the word and meditations on same.
  • Fairy Lights: Spotlights on certain fairytales and their retellings. I have a special place in my heart for fairytale retellings, so this is a series that could go on for practically forever.
  • Bolts and Beams: Writers and storytellers are sometimes like construction workers, laying foundations, shoring up weak supports, etc. Here we’ll be looking at some of our tools of trade, and how certain aspects or types of story work or differ from each other.
  • Auntie Viscera: Among other things I’m an RPG nerd, so we’ll have an agony aunt column run by a “retired” barbarian warrior. (Feel free to send in letters for her to answer!)
  • Free to Read: I’ve already given an idea of what this would consist of, but it will (hopefully) include drabbles, shorts, serial shorts and previews.
  • #AmazonGirl: This is an experimental piece I’m putting together, whose main bulk will be concentrated on Twitter, but it will all come together here.

I would love to set myself a schedule and hard deadlines for a lot of this right now, but I know better than to do that too soon. We’re still getting started here, finding our shoes before we really get our groove on, so to speak, so we’ll save the schedules for a little ways down the road. Until then updates and uploads will be somewhat sporadic and – probably – a little thin on the ground.

But a great big welcome to everyone, especially if you’ve made it this far of this post! I’m excited for the future!


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