More places across the interwebs that I can be found!

In case anyone wants to listen to musics mixes I put together. Have fun!

Archive of Our Own
Here is where I post fanfictions and links to any podfics that I record. Relatively new to this site that my oldest works are not here, but everything new gets posted.

Occasionally I post pictures, drawings or photo comics. Sometimes I even post stories. :)
This is where I have been most active on the internet for the longest time. My oldest fan works can be found here (read at your own risk) but the really racy things have been moved to comply with their site rules.

Yep, I have a tumblr. I’m not nearly so active on it as I used to be, but it’s still there.

My personal twitter feed. Sometime in the future there will be stories using a Twitter account, but until then there’s this one. :)


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